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New review for Burning Bright from Book Haven!

Today I received an awesome review from Book Haven. It totally made my day! Thanks Caitlin ūüôā


Burning Bright¬†is a story you’ll never forget. I never will, at least. It’s about a girl, Sam, who is haunted by her past and now lives with crappy foster parents (I mean, you read the synopsis, right?) They foster parents are so bad that she decided to live in a tent outside of the house… yeah.
¬† ¬†I love this book because until others, it really shows you from the protagonist’s present POV the physical and mental abuse a person is going through. Most other books tell it from a past-tense “this happened¬†to me” but this book is in present tense “this is¬†happening to me” and it just really hits you how terrible some people can be. How this could be happening to someone right now. And that’s sad to think about.
¬† ¬†I also really like the tiger idea. It’s so different from what I’ve read and I liked how she had someone (something..?) she could relate to, because then she didn’t feels so alone.
¬† ¬†What I didn’t like was Ben’s… hesitancy. Argh it’s so arduous to try to explain something without giving it away. Anyway, I’m always against disloyalty and I just felt like he if he wanted to go towards another… path, he should make it clear the other path is no longer going to be taken… I feel like Chanda is reading this right now, laughing at my struggle to explain this xP
¬† ¬†I also wish there was more of a suspense with finding out Sam’s past. You don’t know until the end, but during my reading, I sometimes forgot about her past because at times, there wasn’t anything to remind me of what she’s been through. I wanted more hints here and there to keep me guessing.
   Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! It really sticks with you.

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