Oh, I had great plans for this summer! I wanted to finish Flight and get it edited, finish Harbinger and start the second 3/4 draft, and then get that out to betas and then start finding a cover artist and/or an agent for Flight.

I didn’t get any of it done. I could go on and on about excuses, such as having a baby in June, to navigating life as a mom of two, to re-working my curriculum for the fall (didn’t do that yet either, but I still have a few weeks before school starts, right?).

I still plan on getting Flight (Gah! I sooo need a new name for that book, but nothing fits, willing to take suggestions) edited and have  a slot scheduled the third week of September  with what looks like a great new editor. Then it’s back to Harbinger, book 3, that I really wanted to get finished this year, but… life. After that, I have a great adult paranormal romp planned called Cursed! which I hope is the start of a new, fun series.

But only time will tell!