Month: February 2017

A day late and all that :)

Last Thursday I heard the wonderful news that Kindle Press chose Darkness Falls for publication! I am so excited to work with their editors and help this book reach more readers. I’ve already sent in my revised copy, and it’s with their editors right now, getting the final polish. Hopefully I’ll have a release date for you soon! Thank you to all of the wonderful people who help support my campaign and nominate my book, you helped make this become a reality!




When Darkness Falls book 2

I just can’t wait! While Harbingers away with the betas, I’m already outlining the second book in the series, which should be out this fall/winter! This one’s going to be awesome, too!

Harbinger’s with the beta readers!

Progress is being made, I swear 🙂 Harbinger’s with the betas, and after it comes back, then it’s time for editing! Looking at a May/June release (or sooner if everything falls into place). Until then, a teaser:


harbinger 1.5

Kindle Scout Campaign Ends Tomorrow!

If you haven’t yet, head on over to Kindle Scout and nominate When Darkness Falls. If you do, you’ll get a free copy when it’s published! 🙂 when-darkness-falls-ebook

New Release Giveaway

I’ve teamed up with some awesome YA authors to help celebrate the releases of our upcoming books. And guess what? When Darkness Falls is a part of that! Which means even if it’s not chosen for Kindle Scout, it’ll still be released this spring! Check out the giveaway here, and enter for your chance at 10 great YA books! book giveaway promoOh, and while your’e at it, nominate When Darkness Falls on Kindle Scout for your chance to get a free copy when published. In other words, there’s a free copy of the book with your name on it! 🙂 Check out my Kindle Scout campaign page here.

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