Drum roll please…..


Finally, right? Seriously though, live as a writer/mom/teacher/a million other hats we wear is pretty exhausting, but I’m sure everyone else feels the same way sometimes. Nonetheless, I have the cover done (sneak peek above), and am working on editing and formatting. However, the person I used as a proof reader either skipped a bunch of stuff, or I’m really that good with my grammar (ha!), so I’m not sure what I can do on that front. Two options: wait to afford another proofreader (good ones are worth their weight in gold, but unfortunately I’m fresh out of gold), or publish as is. There might be a few grammar issues, even though all books have them, and let you all have it.

Or, I guess there’s an option three, create a team of super readers for an advanced reader copy (ARC), and when you guys read it, have you point out any huge errors that I missed in the 2 million times I’ve read it. The only other thing I’d ask is that you post a review of Harbinger during release week. And that you’ve read First and Imposter, so I guess there’s two things.

Interested? Send me an email and let me know. If this works out, I’d like to form an ARC team for ALL of my new releases (like Darkness Falls 2!!!).