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Are you ready yet?

I’m working on the final read-through of Harbinger (even though I know there’s always something I miss), and I’m starting to freak out. I can’t believe this trilogy, this series that was born so long ago, is finally coming to an end. I won’t give out any spoilers, but I love it. It’s perfect and terrible and awesome and everything else all rolled into one. It’s the only way it could end, and one of many ways it could end, all at the same time. The possibilities when I started were endless, but as the series grew, there became only one possible way. This way. I hope you like it. You can still pre-order your copy for $.99.

Happens every time…

Every time I plan on releasing a book, I go into it thinking I’m going to some elaborate cover reveal and really get people excited, but in the end, I’m too excited and impatient myself to hold on to the secret much longer. So, without further adieu, here’s the cover for Harbinger, book three of the Live Once Trilogy.

I’m working on a pre-order right now, and I’ll send out a  link when it’s ready. Are you excited? I know I am!

Harbinger update

Guys, I’m not gonna lie, this was a tough book to write.

I’ve lived with Mira and her world for so long, I didn’t want it to end, but I have to tell the final part of her story. Our girl has some tough choices to make, and a lot to live up to, and boy does she deliver.

If you’re interested in reading an advance copy of Mira’s story, before it’s released, here’s your chance. I’ll send you a free copy, as soon as the final proofing is done, if you’ll read it, tell me if I screwed up, and leave a review the week it’s released. Interested? Send me an email and I’ll add you to the list. If this works, I’ll do it again for Darkness Falls 2, which will be coming out later this year! (eek!).

Guess what’s coming?

Drum roll please…..


Finally, right? Seriously though, live as a writer/mom/teacher/a million other hats we wear is pretty exhausting, but I’m sure everyone else feels the same way sometimes. Nonetheless, I have the cover done (sneak peek above), and am working on editing and formatting. However, the person I used as a proof reader either skipped a bunch of stuff, or I’m really that good with my grammar (ha!), so I’m not sure what I can do on that front. Two options: wait to afford another proofreader (good ones are worth their weight in gold, but unfortunately I’m fresh out of gold), or publish as is. There might be a few grammar issues, even though all books have them, and let you all have it.

Or, I guess there’s an option three, create a team of super readers for an advanced reader copy (ARC), and when you guys read it, have you point out any huge errors that I missed in the 2 million times I’ve read it. The only other thing I’d ask is that you post a review of Harbinger during release week. And that you’ve read First and Imposter, so I guess there’s two things.

Interested? Send me an email and let me know. If this works out, I’d like to form an ARC team for ALL of my new releases (like Darkness Falls 2!!!).

A new cover and a new start for one of my favorites!

A few months ago, I decided to re-release Burning Bright with a new cover that better depicts it’s YA vibe and nature. I’d also found the same cover art used in at least one other book, and thus I wanted something original (this is a whole ‘nother can of worms). As soon as I saw this model, I knew she embodied the soul of Sam, my main character, and that this was “the” cover.  Because I was taking the time to re-release it anyway, I figured I might as well go through the manuscript and see if I can add anymore awesomeness (and I did, to the tune of about 3,000 words). So here it is! If you want your chance to get a free copy, sign up for my newsletter! (This is an extremely limited time offer, so sign up today! ) 🙂 I hope you love the new look and the new content just as much as I do!

And now I promise to get back to Harbinger and Darkness Falls 2.

Check out this new release if you love Practical Magic (I know I do)

So yeah, Practical Magic is one of my favorite books/movies of all time. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve watched the movie, if I turn on the TV and it’s playing, I have to keep watching. So when I saw Stephanie’s book and read the description, I knew I had to check it out. And I’m glad I did! I know I should be editing, or writing, or editing some more, but some times you just have to take a break to read. If you’re interested, check out the excerpt and see for yourself!


June 7, 2017

Stefanie Spangler’s Urban Fantasy Dark Designs

51UHj2aObTLMagic calls out to other magic, and the Grant sisters are about to find out they’ve drawn the darkest kind to their doorstep.

Twins Ivy and Violet Grant are opposites. Ivy, a hot-tempered redhead, couldn’t wait to get off the farm and see the world. Violet, a quiet brunette, was content to stay home and help their grandmother with the family business. The one thing they have in common is their magic.

Charlie Logan’s sinister obsession with Ivy Grant has ruled his life. When he discovers a book of dark magic during a burglary, he decides to return to Oak Hill and use his newfound power to gain control over Ivy.

Ivy and Violet, with help from their grandmother, need to practice their magic to overcome the evil seeping into their lives. A battle is coming, and Ivy’s life is not the only one at stake.



Buy it now:



Slowly, Ivy became aware of another presence in the barn. Her eyes roamed away from the kitten cradled in her arms to the boots standing just beyond the stall door, next to her discarded sandals. Eyes wide, she sprang to her bare feet as fast as she could without trampling the kittens.

Charlie Logan was blocking the way out of the stall. The sunlight that slipped in through the gaps in the barn’s wooden planks cast his face in mottled stripes. She knew him because Grandpa Jack had always let his granddaughters roam the farm freely, and Charlie had spoken to her many times. Never alone, though. She stood awkwardly, her eyes darting around the dimly lit solitude of the barn.

“Nice kittens you got there.” He nodded cheerfully toward the kittens then smiled. His hand twitched as if he might reach out and touch her.

“Yeah,” she said quietly, looking back and forth between Charlie and the kittens. “None of them are sick or anything. Sometimes there are sick ones…” Ivy rambled nervously until her eyes settled on Charlie’s face, and then she stilled, wishing she could disappear.

Charlie moved in closer, trapping her in the corner of the stall. “They’ll all be good mousers, I bet.”

His tone was friendly, but Ivy’s guts tensed up. She desperately wanted to be away from the stall that had, without warning, become too dark and far too secluded. If she shouted, someone would likely hear her and come, but Charlie had always seemed nice enough. Maybe he did just want to talk about kittens, and she didn’t want him to get in trouble for not being busy at work.

When she made a move toward the door, his tall frame shifted. She jerked back, away from his body, pushing herself tighter into the corner of the stall. He was close enough that his scent of stale cigarette smoke and sweat forced its way into her nostrils and stomach. When he exhaled, his breath smelled of strong coffee. In slow motion, Charlie reached out and touched her hair just over her ear. Heart in her throat, she froze. Charlie Logan had not come to discuss anything good. He smiled at her affectionately as he stroked her hair.


Title: Dark Designs

Author: Stefanie Spangler

Genre: Urban Fantasy



About the Author

Stefanie Spangler has always loved books and reading, and one day, she decided to write a book of her own.

Stefanie lives in central Illinois with her husband and daughters. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s usually editing someone else’s book. But she also enjoys gardening, knitting, and forcing others to read her favorite books.


Follow Stefanie:



And the winner is….

Penny Olson! Please email me your address and I’ll send your book out right away! 🙂 Thanks for everyone who entered and participated in the Summer YA Scavenger Hunt. I hope you had a great time and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

YA Scavenger Hunt Stop #52


Welcome traveler, somehow you’ve stumbled upon the 52nd stop on the YA Scavenger Hunt. Why don’t you pull up a chair, rest your feet a while, and check out some of the interesting stuff I have to offer. Then, when you’re done, scroll down for the secret word and continue your journey.

darknessfalls cover1Love free books? I’m giving away a free print mis-marked copy of my new release When Darkness Falls. What’s wrong with it? A blurry title page. That’s it. Everything else is perfect. If you’d like to win a free copy, enter the contest below, and I’ll announce the winner after the YA Summer Scavenger Hunt is over on June 7th. If you haven’t heard of When Darkness Falls, click here to read the first two chapters for free.

I’m also re-releasing Burning Bright, my contemporary YA about a girl with a dark past whose future may ride on the fate of a Bengal tiger with a similar gory history.  Check out a sneak peak of the new cover. It’s awesome! I’ll be doing a bunch of giveaways in preparation for that, so if you’re interested in hearing more about that, as well as upcoming releases (such as the sequel for When Darkness Falls and the thrilling end to my Live Once trilogy) sign up for my mailing list! There’s freebies with every newsletter, and I promise not to spam you! REVEAL SOON GRAPHIC1


And now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for…. My secret word is

If the Flash Player doesn’t work, my secret word is “SHE“.

Now you can put all the words together (in order from 1 ~ 140) and reconstruct the “Secret Legend.”

When you’re done, enter the grand prize here.
Your next stop is the amazing Amy McNulty, but if you have any questions, make sure to visit the main post and list of participating authors here.

Have fun and happy hunting!


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YA Summer Scavenger Hunt!

In June, the Alliance of Young Adult Authors is sponsoring a massive young adult scavenger hunt. This is a chance to meet some new authors, grab a bunch of free books, and sign up to win a whole bunch of epic prizes!



Each author will be given a special keyword, which will be bolded and all caps like this: BUTTERFLIES.

All you have to do is visit all the author’s sites in this order, write down the special keywords to discover the short story, then enter the giveaway with the completed secret legend HERE.

There will be one main giveaway for the main prize, but most of the participating authors will also have smaller giveaways for free books, amazon credit and author swag, so make sure you read their post carefully to see what else they’re offering while you’re on their site for the keyword.

THE MAP (participating authors)

  1. Cindy Ray Hale
  2. Katherine Bogle
  3. Melle Amade
  4. David Kudler
  5. A.M. Yates
  6. Alethea Kontis
  7. Stevie Rae Causey
  8. Katlyn Duncan
  9. Debbie Manber Kupfer
  10. Meredith Rose
  11. N.M. Howell
  12. Lara Ann
  13. K.M. Robinson
  14. J.A. Culican
  15. Heather Karn
  16. Rob L. Slater
  17. Dylan Keefer
  18. Sarah K. Wilson
  19. L.J. Higgins
  20. Gina Marie Long
  21. Em Kazmierski
  22. Travis Hall
  23. Heather Young-Nichols
  24. Anna Santos
  25. J.L. Weil
  26. Jo Schneider
  27. Rebecca Fernfield
  28. Kristin D. Van Risseghem
  29. Martine Lewis
  30. Tara Benham
  31. Stacy Claflin
  32. Beth Hammond
  33. Erica Cope
  34. Nicole Zoltack
  35. Char Webster
  36. Sabrina Ramoth
  37. T.J. Muir
  38. Raquel Lyon
  39. Beth Rodgers
  40. S.L. Beaumont
  41. Eva Pohler
  42. Melanie McFarlane
  43. Cheryllynn Dyess
  44. Audrey Rich
  45. Amanda Zieba
  46. Sandie Will
  47. Elle Scott
  48. Angie Grigaliunas
  49. Ashley Maker
  50. Mandy Peterson
  51. Audrey Grey
  52. Chanda Stafford
  53. Amy McNulty
  54. Melinda Cordell
  55. Monica Leonelle
  56. Claire Luana
  57. Frost Kay
  58. Preeti C. Sharma
  59. Bentz Deyo
  60. April Wood
  61. Lena Mae Hill
  62. Angel Leya
  63. Wendi Wilson
  64. Wendy Knight
  65. Chogan Swan
  66. Tamara Hart Heiner
  67. Norma Hinkens
  68. Patti Larsen
  69. Megan Crewe
  70. Jamie Thornton
  71. Jessie Renée
  72. T.A. Maclagan
  73. Lydia Sherrer
  74. Phyllis Moore
  75. P.D. Workman
  76. J.A. Armitage
  77. K.N. Lee
  78. Angela Fristoe
  79. Rhonda Sermon
  80. G.K. DeRosa
  81. Erin Richards
  82. Ali Winters
  83. Larissa C. Hardesty
  84. Kristine Tate
  85. Debra Kristi
  86. Bella Rose
  87. Cortney Pearson
  88. Jeff Kohanek
  89. Kristal Shaff
  90. Rachel Morgan
  91. Emma Right
  92. C.L. Cannon
  93. Joanne Macgregor
  94. Lindsey Loucks
  95. Farah Kuck
  96. Erin Hayes
  97. Jesikah Sundin
  98. Dorothy Dreyer
  99. Danielle Annett
  100. C.J. Ethington
  101. L.C. Hibbett
  102. Madeline Dyer
  103. Katie John
  104. Nicole Schubert
  105. Rachel Medhurst
  106. Tee G Ayer
  107. May Freighter
  108. Heather Dyer
  109. Jen Minkman
  110. J.L. Gillham
  111. Karen Tomlinson
  112. Kate Haye
  113. Megan Linski
  114. Martina Billings
  115. Jo Ho
  116. Brian King
  117. Inna Hardison
  118. Rachel Bateman
  119. Sally Henson
  120. J.L. Hendricks
  121. A.L. Knorr
  122. T.M. Franklin
  123. Konstanz Silverbow
  124. felisha Antonette
  125. Jake Devlin
  126. S.F. Benson
  127. Laurie Treacy
  128. Emily Martha Sorensen
  129. Leia Stone
  130. T. Rae Mitchell
  131. J. Keller Ford
  132. Kat Stiles
  133. Jessica Hawke
  134. Elyse Reyes
  135. Sophie Davis
  136. Bianca Scardoni
  137. Jenetta Penner
  138. David R. Bernstein
  139. Olivia Wildenstein
  140. Derek Murphy

Starts June 1st!

Just go through the “treasure map” above to find the keywords and reconstruct the secret legend. Once you’ve got it, enter for the grand prize HERE. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for other giveaways or free books as you search for the keywords, most authors will be offering their own prizes as well.

For rules, updates or trouble-shooting, make sure to check out this main post which will stay updated.


Authors will post the rules and the full list of participating authors sometime in June, and have their post up and visible on their site/blog, with their keyword, by June 1st. Readers just need to go through the list, find the words, and use the story to enter for the grand prize.


Text file for html of this post:



Things I love about writing, and things I hate.

Things I love about writing:

  • Coming up with new worlds and story ideas. For me, coming up with new ideas starts with a spark. A flash of inspiration that shows me the key scene in a book. For one of my books, it was the MC sitting in the middle of a bridge, at night, while it’s raining, holding a bloody knife. I saw it in a flash of lightning, and that helped drive the whole book forward.
  • Never running out of ideas. I swear, I used to worry about this, but I have three finished first drafts waiting for their literary lobotomies, and more ideas than I’ll probably ever have a chance to write. For example, I’m about 80% of the way through with Darkness Falls 2 (hated the ending so I had to fix that or I’d have been done by now), and then I’ll get Harbinger, book three of my Live Once trilogy out, AND I also want to publish an adult urban fantasy about curses and witches, and serial killers. It’ll be a blast! (I should label that under things only writers think are fun.)
  • Talking with my readers. I love getting their feedback, finding out what they’re reading, and just really interacting with others who love books as much as I do.
  • Meeting other writers. I love talking shop, if you will, but it sucks that I live in a tiny little town without a lot of opportunities to meet up without driving half a day.

Things I don’t like:

  • Okay, this one has been bugging me for a while. It’s bad advice. I was at a “thing” (don’t want to get too detailed) where the speaker was telling young writers that in order for their work to get noticed by an editor or agent, it had to be 100% perfect. No mistakes. Not one. Ever. In the entire manuscript. They won’t even look at your story if there’s one spelling or grammar mistake. Forgot a comma? Forget about getting published. Ever. In your entire life. And if the editor sees a mistake, they’ll burn your manuscript and send you back the ashes. Okay, I made that last bit up, you get what I’m saying. It was awful. I wanted to badly to stand up and raise my hand and tell them they were 100% wrong, but I didn’t want to make a scene in front of the kids. Yes, agents and editors want things polished, but from what I understand, an amazing story is more important. In my experience, agents and editors expect books to need at least some work. That’s just the way it is.
  • Pickles. Can’t stand ’em. Blech. (I couldn’t think of anything else writing-related after my mini-rant).
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