After the portal swallowed the power-hungry head of a shadowy government organization, Austen thought she might finally get a break. A break from the fear, the deaths, and the danger that stalks them at every turn. She was wrong.

Now that they have the technology to control the portal’s destination, Ian yearns to go home and finally be reunited with the father he lost over a hundred years ago, even though that would mean leaving Austen and the life he built in this world behind.

But when a monstrous creature more horrifying than any other Austen’s ever encountered appears and wreaks havoc on the people of Misery Bay, she selfishly hopes Ian might stick around, at least a little longer, until they figure out how to destroy it. However, when that same beast goes after the ones she loves, Austen realizes she has to act quickly, before time runs out. And in order to save her town, her friends and family, and even herself, she just might have to step foot into the monster’s den.